Tender no. : 221/1/2017
Employer: Greater Amman Municipality

·       2 bus lanes (one for each direction) and a passing lane in some locations to allow passengers
·       on express buses to bypass busy stations
·       Each bus lane is 3.5 m wide
·       No barrier between the bus lanes (i.e., which allows BRT buses to overtake each other if necessary)
·       Special pavement design to accommodate BRT bus axle loads
·       Lane barriers for roads with 40 m right of way (distance from property line to property line) 1.6 m island (median)
·       For 30 m right of way 25 cm curbstone
·       Foundation and conduit for lighting
·       Communication Lines
·       Planters

Designer: Consolidated Consultants Co.
Engineer: Dar Al Omran
Commencement Order: 9/6/2018
Tender period: 730 days
Tender value: 6,698,046.00 JD + Provisional sum 1,815,000.00 JD